Vicky Vette UR3 MILF Pussy & Ass

Vicky Vette UR3 MILF Pussy & Ass
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Vicky Vette UR3 MILF Pussy & Ass
Vicky Vette is the leader of the Vette Nation Army, the ultimate MILF, and she has molded herself for your pleasure. The vagina opens with pleasure nubs and as you get deeper, row upon row of ridges great you for stimulation. With the included bullet you can insert it in the back and position where you want the most vibration. She also has her tight bum ready for engagement.

This vagina is a real life size. Bottom of vagina is flat to lie on the surface of your choice. Be sure to always use plenty of water-based lubricant and let the product get to room temperature before using or it could split.

It is very important to wash UR3 material with warm water and toy cleaner and let to thoroughly dry. This is open ended to easily clean the chambers. The Vicky Vette has the powder included to dust the product with before storing.

Length: 10.25 inches, Width: 6 inches

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