TENGA Rolling Head Cup Special Hard Edition

TENGA Rolling Head Cup Special Hard Edition
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TENGA Rolling Head Cup Special Hard Edition
The TENGA Hard Edition Rolling Head Onacup will have you trembling as you roll it from left to right, back and forth and thrust into it. Every movement provides tighter grip that brings you to a fantastic climax.

The Hard Edition has newly formulated HG-03 internal material for stronger sensations. Alongside the innovative rolling head and flexible body there is a combined texture of nubs and ridges generating complex stimulation for your shaft. This is a truly innovative male masturbator.

Cover or uncover the air hole to control the air pressure inside your Onacup. By removing the air a tight, sucking sensation is created giving you a mind-blowing masturbation experience.

The TENGA Rolling Head comes with lubricant inside it. It can be caught inside the unique lotion reservoir that will keep the insertion point in a wet state.

The canal has a diameter of 0.5 inches and an internal length of 5.5 inches.

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