TENGA Egg - Wavy

TENGA Egg - Wavy
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TENGA Egg - Wavy
The TENGA Egg Wavy is a serious break through from the more traditional male masturbators. The plastic shell conceals a textured sleeve which stretches over 4 times from its original size. When combined with lube you can achieve a seriously good orgasm.

The TENGA Egg Wavy has numerous layers of rippled waves that give an incredible sensation. When combined with the included TENGA brand lubricant this male masturbator will provide you with the ultimate climactic experience.

The 2.5 inch male sex toy may look small, but it delivers big pleasure. The internal textured sleeve can accommodate up to 12 inches of shaft length and expand to around 8 inches in girth, taking the entirety of your penis.

Its small size makes it the perfect discreet sex toy - it can be stored anywhere.

Although the TENGA Egg range is intended for single-use, with careful care and lots of cleaning and lubrication they can last a little longer.

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