TENGA Egg - Twister

TENGA Egg - Twister
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TENGA Egg - Twister
Crack open the amazing TENGA Egg Twister to enjoy a swirled internal sleeve that will provide phenomenal sensations for your shaft. This easy to use male sex toy is simply perfect when you need a knee-trembling climax.

The TENGA Egg Twister sleeve has several lines that swirl vertically from top to bottom. When you twist, turn and thrust into the sleeve you will be given intense sensations that promise a satisfying orgasm.

When you combine the included lubricant to the sensual twisting texture of the sleeve you will be in an entirely new world of pleasure.

The tiny sex toy measures at just 2.5 inches in height, but don't let its size fool you. The sleeve can stretch up to 12 inches in length and can accommodate a girth of up to 8 inches.

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