Sea Breeze - Fish with Tail

Sea Breeze - Fish with Tail
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Sea Breeze - Fish with Tail
Vibrant Wings, Hottie and Sea Breeze

Fun for the air or sea! The Vibrant Wing/Sea Breeze/Hottie series are great for clitoral stimulation as each animal has its own special way of delivering amazing orgasms. The butterfly, rabbit and dragonfly have a delicate flutter and the dolphin and fish have an intensifying throb.


Type: Vibrating Massager Length: 4.5 inches Width: 1.75 inches Circumference: N/A Material: jelly Available Colors: Purple Functions: Twist control Powered by: 1 AAA Batteries (not included) Special Features: Multi-speed, Phthalate-free, waterproof

Package Dimensions: 8.5 l x 5. w x 2 d

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