Perfection 7X - Clit Tingler

Perfection 7X - Clit Tingler
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Perfection 7X - Clit Tingler
Here is the newest and coolest vibes we've ever carried. Comes in its own carrying case and looks absolutely beautiful (you recognize beauty when you have been doing this as long as I have). Open it up and its a design wonder. Nobody in this wonderful industry has dared to design such a piece. Open up the case and wow. The vibe is fitting snugly in its holder. Remove it from the case and you see the perfect sized vibe with three powerful motors. One is for clitoral stimulation, the second one is for the G-Spot and the third is for the rotation of the shaft. This Perfection 7X has it all, including 7 awesome speeds for your convenience. What I find extremely cool is how this rechargeable vibe gets recharged. The recharger is packed conveniently and which you hardly notice inside the case. It recharges with plastic on plastic. Something totally new for us. It comes in two colours Purple and Pink and 4 different styles and Enjoy - SB

Uniquely shaped clitoral stimulator 2 tiers of beads (each with 3 rows) to stimulate the vaginal wall. Textured swirls around the shaft for extra stimulation Rechargeable! 7 functions. Sleek design. Comes with a case which fits both the vibrator and its charger! Charger base lights up. 3 kinds of stimulation: vaginal, clitoral, g-spot. Grippy material on handheld base so that it is easier to hold onto when hands are slick from lubricant. Amazing power!

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