The Orgasm Loop

The Orgasm Loop
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The Orgasm Loop
The Orgasm Loop

Have you women out there given up on ever having that incredible orgasm? Don’t give up quite yet. The Orgasm Loop by Susan Crain Bakos, the author of The Orgasm Bible, has written this book with no-fail techniques for reaching orgasm during sex and sharing this incredible experience with your lover.

"Why is orgasm so important? Why not accept the ubiquitous, ' Really, it’s just the closeness I crave ' excuse? Why not give up on women who just won't touch themselves during intercourse?

Orgasm is the most intense physical pleasure we ever have. Nothing else comes close. Incredibly, the average orgasmic person, male or female, only spends approximately twelve minutes a year in the throes of orgasm. Really, this is not enough. Yet women accept even less. No wonder we buy so many pairs of shoes!

From Chapter 1 of this incredible book.

Given the power and glory that is orgasm, I've never accepted the status quo thinking that holds that his orgasm is inevitable while hers is problematic. Why should female orgasm be problematic when we are the possessors of the clitoris, which is richer with more concentrated never endings than any part of his body? Why should female orgasm be problematic when we are capable of multiple orgasms with no refractory period? And besides, we are the gender who really gets better (in terms of sexual response), not older.

"Every woman should have an orgasm—at least one!—every day of her life. "


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