Ooooh Thats It - G-spot Stimulating Gel

Ooooh Thats It - G-spot Stimulating Gel
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Do you know where your G-SPOT is?

Ooooh! That's It! The very first gel designed specifically for a woman's G-SPOT. This revolutionary formula with natural active ingredients increases the sensitivity and temporarily enlarges the G-SPOT so that it is easy to find when stimulated through intercourse or vibrator.

Ooooh! That's It! will help you discover a new dimension of orgasm. If you have never experienced the famous G-Spot orgasm or ANY orgasm for that matter, fasten your seatbelts!

The first orgasm enhancement gel ever to be applied to the G-SPOT!!! Increases the size and sensitivity of the G-SPOT Condom Friendly Natural Active Ingredients Can be used with a partner or a vibrator Includes the Ooooh! Thats It! G-SPOT Guide to finding the G-SPOT and the best G-SPOT positions Resealable container containing 40 applications Sexy and tasteful packaging with safety seal that appeals to both men and women.

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