Ladies Night Out - Drinking Game Book

Ladies Night Out - Drinking Game Book
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Ladies Night Out

Ladies Night Out is the perfect book of games with party theme ideas, drink recipes and decoration tips great for Bachelorette parties, Girls Night Out, Birthday’s or just any night to have a crazy good time. Any games requiring writing can be copied from the book.

A good party starter is "I Never". This game is great for 6+ players and the only supply is a full beverage per player. The players sit in a circle and Player 1 thinks of something they have never done, like cheat on an exam. Everyone who has cheated on an exam must take a drink from their beverage. The next to go is to Player 1’s right. This continues for several rounds or until participants are ready for a new adventure, like Body Shot Races…but you have to get the book to read that!


Type: Couples, Books and Music Special Features: Make Ladies Night Out memorable

Book Dimensions: 8.5" l x 5.5" w x .25" d