Inspire Vibrating Remote Breast Massager

Inspire Vibrating Remote Breast Massager
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Inspire Vibrating Remote Breast Massager
Most women can relate to the breast soreness often felt before and during menstruation. The Inspire Remote Breast Massager is a vibrating lightweight body forming massager designed to fit inside your bra. The Breast Massager gently vibrates sore breast tissues stimulating blood flow to the area which helps to decrease tenderness. Just like how orgasms are good for reliving abdominal menstrual cramps, the Inspire ergonomically curved Beast Massager serves the same function for your breasts.

To make the Inspire Breast Massager easy to use as you go about your day, the massager is remote controlled by an elegant and discreet mirror compact remote. No one will be able to tell that your compact secretly controls your massager! With 10 functions of vibration, the Inspire Vibrating Breast Massager will ease your aches and pains.

The Inspire Remote Control Breast Massager is USB rechargeable; never go looking for batteries again

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