His Enlargement Kit

His Enlargement Kit
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His Enlargement Kit
If you've ever wished for a larger penis, this kit is perfect for you. His Enlargement Kit comes with an Enlargement Pump, a studded Adonis penile extender, two cock rings, and a penis cage. For best results, pick the right sized cock ring and stretch it over the base of the enlargement pump. Insert your erect penis into the pump and pump until you achieve your desired size. Release the pressure and slide the cock ring off of the base of the pump and down to the base of your penis. The cock ring will help to maintain the additional size created by the pump. For extra fun for both you and your partner, try either the penis cage or the Adonis extender for all new sensations!

Enlargement Pump: Flanged base for a secure seal and a comfortable fit Soft squishy inner donut to keep the suction Easy to squeeze bulb with a quick release valve for safety 7.75" x 2.25"/19.75cm x 5.75 cm (cylinder)

Extender Stretchy Adds 2"/5 cm length Ribbed on the inside, studded on the outside Enhances both length and girth 6.25" x 1.5"/ 15 cm x 3.75 cm

Cage Enhancer Stretchy and easy to put on Adds support and stimulation 4.5" x 1"/ 11.5 cm x 2.5 cm

Erection Enhancers Two sizes Handles for easy fit

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