Fireman Love Doll - Hero with the 12 Inch Hose

Fireman Love Doll - Hero with the 12 Inch Hose
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The Fireman Love Doll will help you heat things up at any party, and even your bedroom. With his handsome formed face, 5'3 frame, this sexy fireman comes with a coat and hat to provide you with the complete love doll experience. It can accompany you and your friends for a great bachelorette or girls' night out.

For those who want a steamy night alone, the Fireman Love Doll has a feature you won't find with most men: a 12 penis - measured for confirmation! He's ready to perform the emergency love procedures of your dreams!

As with all love dolls, this is sold as a novelty only. Vinyl repair kit is included with instructions. Be kind to the Fireman, don't put him near heat or fire as it will cause damage. The Fireman Love Doll is easy to blow up with a hand pump or manually.

Height: 5 foot 3 inches, Available Colors: Flesh

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