Fetish Fantasy Series - Universal Wrist / Ankle Cuffs

Fetish Fantasy Series - Universal Wrist / Ankle Cuffs
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One Cuff Does It All!"

Whether you want your partner to beg for forgiveness or be a shackled prisoner, the Universal Wrist/Ankle Cuff is for you. With a soft neoprene material, this adjustable cuff is for those just beginning in bondage or the seasoned Dom. The chain and o-rings are high in strength for the slave who still needs to be broken. And with an added bonus of a blind fold, this will be just the start of your fun!


Type: Couples/Bondage

Pieces included: 2 straps attached by chain

Dimensions: Wrist/Ankle strap adjust comfortably to 13 inches Metal Chain is 9.5 inches long

Material: Wrist/Ankle straps are neoprene with Velcro clasps. O-rings and chain are metal.

Color: Black

Function: Bondage and Gagging

Special Features: Added blind fold

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