Fetish Fantasy Series - Lover's Fantasy Kit

Fetish Fantasy Series - Lover's Fantasy Kit
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Fetish Fantasy Series - Lover's Fantasy Kit
Fetish Fantasy Series, Loverís Fantasy Kit

For the lovers of domination and bondage, the Fetish Fantasy Series presents the Loverís Fantasy Kit. With a leather whip, satin mask, and metal handcuffs (complete with key when you feel the submissive has earned their right to freedom), this kit is great for those just starting out as Dommes or for the experienced individual who needs some new gear.

Start off by putting on the satin mask to keep them guessing whatís next. Next, put the handcuffs slowly around the wrists, as the cold metal will feel extra good in the blindfolded state. Slowly run the whips strands down your partnerís body, and flick the whip now and then to keep them surprised. This kit is only limited by your imagination, so think big!


Type: Couples, Bondage Product Code: 552107 Dimensions: Whip handle 8.5 inches, whips 12 inches Material: Metal Cuffs, Leather Whip, Satin Mask Available Colors: Cuffs Silver, Whip and Mask Black Functions: Bondage Powered by: Imagination

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