Fetish Fantasy Series - Honeymoon Bondage Kit

Fetish Fantasy Series - Honeymoon Bondage Kit
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Fetish Fantasy Series - Honeymoon Bondage Kit
Fetish Fantasy Series, Honeymoon Bondage Kit

The Fetish Fantasy Series never fails to deliver the best fantasies, and now presents the Honeymoon Bondage Kit as the supreme kit for an ultimate honeymoon (or those pretending to be on a honeymoon)!

Begin with lighting the candles to set the mood. Next, blindfold your lover with the additional mask to begin the fun. Instead of the ball and chain, grab the plush-lined cuffs to bind them and tie them down with the tethers. Next, use the feather tickler to make them squirm with every touch. Once they think you’re done with the torture, reassure them you’re not with the mini vibe. The three interchangeable caps each create a different sensation, or try the vibe without a cap for extreme vibration. This is guaranteed to have your lover screaming “I DO” all night long.


Type: Couples, Bondage, Kits Product Code: 552159 Dimensions: Cuffs adjust up to 9.5 inches, tethers 36.5 inches long Material: Hard Plastic, Plush Available Colors: Flesh Functions: Bondage, Mini-Vibe One-speed Powered by: 1 AA Battery (not included) Special Features: Free Samples, Satin mask, Mini-vibe has interchangeable caps

Package Dimensions: 10" l x 5.5" w x 2.5" d

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