Fetish Fantasy Series - First Timers Strap-On Set

Fetish Fantasy Series - First Timers Strap-On Set
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Fetish Fantasy Series - First Timers Strap-On Set
Fetish Fantasy Series, First Timers Strap-On Set

With a 5 inch, firm jelly dong, The First Timers Strap-On Set is perfect for novices and veterans alike and will please all its wearers/their beneficiaries. It has great width and length for vaginal and anal sex, and since it's phthalate free, you know you're in for exciting safe fun.

The harness has comfortable and adjustable nylon straps that are in a 4-way pattern which provide great comfort and support. The harness is a great feature not only because it's very comfortable but because it also allows one to easily change O-rings so that you can experiment with different size dongs. Just simply unsnap the front attachments, take out the rubber O-ring and snap in a new one, such as this one. As an added bonus, The First Timers Strap-On set comes with a free satin mask to add more to the experience.


Type: Dongs, Specialty Product Code: 552197 Length: 5 inches insertable Width: 1 1/8 inch Circumference: 3.5 inches Harness Dimensions: Can go up to 32 inches around for thigh and up to 46 inches around for waist. Material: Jelly Available Colors: Blue Functions: Strap-on Powered by: Manual Special Features: Phthalate-free, free samples, satin mask

Package Dimensions: 13" l x 5.5" w x 3" d

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