Exotic Band - 35 mm and 40 mm Duo Layers Rings

Exotic Band - 35 mm and 40 mm Duo Layers Rings
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Exotic Band

For the studs out there, the Exotic Band Penis Attachments are for you! With the metal bead promoting good circulation and thanks to the firm material, the Exotic Band will help give you a harder erection and a more fulfilling climax. Made with 100% Silicone, the rings are non-stick, easy to clean and have no odor.

The two rings can be used alone or together for more stimulation.


Type: Penis Ring Width: Small ring 1.5 inches (inner width) and Large ring 1.75 inches (inner width)Circumference: Small ring 6 1/8 (outer circle) Large Ring 7 (outer circle) Material: Silicone Available Colors: Clear Functions: Harder erections Powered by: Manual Special Features: Metal Bead, odorless

Package Dimensions: 8.25 l x 4.5 w x .5 d

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