Drinkathlon Game - Tin Keg

Drinkathlon Game - Tin Keg
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Drinkathlon Game - Tin Keg

For the Athleoholics in your group, Drinkathlon is the must have for a wild and fun party night. The mini-keg includes: 4 red and 4 blue shot glasses, mini football, ping-pong ball, rubber ball, 4 mini hockey pucks, a die, and easy-to-follow game rules. The following games can be played: volleyball, boxing, football, relay races, baseball, hockey, bowling, horse races, golfing, and soccer. For 4-16 players.


Type: Novelties, Games Product Code: 6963 Functions: Game Time Powered by: Your imagination Special Features: 10 Drinking games

Package Dimensions: 5.5" l x 4" w x 4" d