Boner Buddies Stuffed Animal - Bear

Boner Buddies Stuffed Animal - Bear
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Boner Buddies Stuffed Animals

For those who like a little kink in their stuffed animals, may we present Boner Buddies. The Boner Buddies may appear to be cute and cuddly at first, but when you take a closer look, there is dirty side to them all.

With five different animals to choose from, there is one right for you or a friend. The beige Bear is ready for love with a stuffed penis sporting red hair. The brown Moose is not only horny on top, but has a stuffed penis with black hair. The happy blue Hippo has a stuffed penis with gold hair. The beige Chastity Bear is saving itself with its chastity belt already in place. The beige Panty on Head Bear is the party bear with blue panties that can be put on the head or on the bottom.


Type: Novelties, Gift Items Average Height: 10 inches Average Width: 7.5 inches Material: Polyester Fiber w/Polyester pellets inside Available Animals: Bear, Moose, Hippo, Chastity Bear, Panty on Head Bear